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Navios Flow Cytometer

The Navios delivers analytical excellence by coupling extraordinary sensitivity, resolution and dynamic range with high-speed data collection. Its superior detection capabilities provide accurate measurements, especially for rare events, which is critical to clinical diagnosis and monitoring. The full-featured, easy-to-use Navios software provides tools to improve the quality of results as well as optimize workflow efficiencies.

Now with Beckman Coulter's Navios Flow Cytometer, you get more innovative feature, more reliability and more performance than any other flow cytometer available today.

More features and benefits with the Navios
High Quality Results
The Navios provides efficient acquisition of superior quality data with its advanced optical design. The customized forward scatter enables superior resolution of submicron particles. Three scalable configurations allow for the future addition of more lasers and fluorescence detectors as the applications for complex multi-color flow cytometry expand.
  • Exceptional sensitivity and resolution
  • Ability to identify rare populations
  • Fast, accurate and efficient digital electronics
Consumer Reliability
Get automated tracking of your samples with the unique barcode identification system on the Navios Flow Cytometer. From aspiration to reporting, you can have the assurance your samples are positively identified since they are checked against the work list. The barcode on your sample is scanned and confirmed with the Navios software. Easily verify:
  • Carousel number
  • Carousel position
  • Tube label
Powerful Easy-to-Use Software
The data gathered can be analyzed statistically by the Navios flow cytometry software to report cellular characteristics such as size, complexity, phenotype and health. Your results are combined into one automated, customized report with plots and formulas. A variety of reporting options is available to facilitate your workflow.
  • Customized reporting and publishing
  • Easy drag and drop of files
  • Acquisition and analysis performed quickly
Total Automation and Lab Solutions

The Navios easily integrates with a variety of automated preparation devices to make your daily work faster and more efficient. Plus with Beckman Coulter's global PROService, you can count on 24-7 support from our expert field consultants to keep your processes running smoothly.

  • Secure, high throughput results
  • Remote diagnostics and system monitoring
  • Sample in, result out solution
Part Number/Description
A80704 6 colors, 2 lasers (5+1 configuration)
A80705 8 colors, 2 lasers (5+3 configuration)
A80706 10 color, 3 lasers (5+3+2 configuration)