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Gallios Flow Cytometer
Extraordinary sensitivity and resolution
  • Enhanced scatter detection
  • Up to 10-color analysis
  • Fixed, spatial solid state lasers
  • Fast, accurate, efficient digital electronics
  • Powerful, easy-to-use software
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Flexibility, accuracy and quality
  • Total automation solution

The Gallios Flow Cytometer was developed for the research and biopharmaceutical laboratories, with an emphasis on its optical and electronics design for enhanced sensitivity when using multi-color assays.

Combined with powerful automation and software tools, the Gallios takes your flow cytometry to new heights. You can now acquire superior quality data with up to 10 colors. You get high resolution and fast, accurate processing with the optimized electronics. With Beckman Coulter's Gallios Flow Cytometer, you get more power at the flow cell for greater resolution in your applications.

Reliability and Stability with Superior Resolution
The Gallios achieves superior resolution as a result of a unique amplification of the wide angle signal. As a result, 0.4jlm particles are very clearly resolved from noise, but even more impressive is the resolution of 0.4jlm particles from 0.5 micron particles. The side-scatter detector contains a high-performance photodiode with electronic attenuation. Up to 62 parameters can be processed per analysis. With acquisition rates of 25,000 events-per-second, you get a very high yield. Three scalable configurations allow for the future addition of more lasers and fluorescence detectors as your applications expand.
  • Collects four times the information at 40MHz compared to a typical data display of 10MHz
  • Displays information with four times the resolution of a typical cytometer
Integrating High Quality and Speed
HyperCyt Plate Loader* is the first system that addresses both the front-end sample handling and the back-end data analysis for high-throughput flow cytometry. Integrating HyperCyt with the Gallios you get accurate, cost-efficient screening of plate-based analysis. HyperCyt primes the sample line going into the Gallios with buffer and then samples each well in the microplate. Combined you get high quality and high speed in one solution.
  • Streamline data analysis  with plate-level statistics and heat maps
  • Increase productivity with 96- and 384-well plates
  • Easily switch between tube  and plate acquisition
Elevate your Analysis with Kaluza

The Kaluza Analysis Software package is the perfect complement to the Gallios System with new tools that simplify the management of multiple data sets, allowing for visualization of high-content data in different spatial dimensions on a single plot. The interface includes automatic plot organization, a zoom in/out feature to enhance data exploration and auto-layout, which reconfigures the workspace for greater efficiency.

  • Quickly  analyzes multi-color, multiparametric data
  • Offers  multiple languages and translation capabilities
  • Supports super-computing hardware from  NVIDIA**
Part Number/Description
775014 Gallios 6 colors, 2 lasers (5+1 configuration)
775015 Gallios 8 colors, 2 lasers (5+3 configuration)
775016 Gallios 10 colors, 3 lasers (5+3+2 configuration)