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Kaluza Analysis Software

Today, more colors require more plots, events, protocol complexity and ultimately increased analysis time. Kaluza software challenges today's solutions with a new vision of what flow cytometry analysis should be. Designed to simply, efficiently and quickly analyze multicolor, multiparametric data, Kaluza proficiently manages your analysis from the cytometers of today and tomorrow.

Intelligent Workspace Design
Kaluza's innovative dynamic workspace allows flexibility and freedom of organizing displays with minimal eff ort providing an intuitive environment for data exploration.
  • Analyze directly from report or plot sheet
  • Drag & drop plots into a report page
  • Multiple report layouts per sample
Data replay is made quick and easy with automatic loading of the original plots, gates, and colors from files with embedded analysis protocols.
Radial Menu
Spend less time "hunting" for options and more time exploring your data. Kaluza's novel use of a radial menu provides one-click access to all plot and region editing eliminating the need to search for features.
On-plot access to
  • Creating gates
  • Formatting
  • Annotating
  • Statistics
Multiparametric Plots

Kaluza’s innovative multiparametric plots revolutionize the way multicolor data is analyzed.

The tree plot can easily represent what typically requires dozens of plots, gates and regions do. Each phenotype can be used as a gate for further data exploration.

The radar plot provides multidimensional view of data without drawing a single gate. Clusters easily appear revealing relevant and rare population typically not seen using traditional bivariate plots and gating strategies

  • Simplifies multiparametric data analysis into interactive display
  • Enables quick pattern recognition analysis
  • Analyze all events in a single view
Plot Management
Kaluza's unique Auto-Layout design intelligently reconfigures your workspace for you. Minimizes the clicks required to create and maintain your workspace to save you time and frustration.
  • Custom plot sizing
  • Easy creating of plots
  • Zoom in and out
  • Guided drag & drop
Data Merge
The data merge feature enables better measurement of rare population and facilities analysis of longitudinal and time course studies
  • Easily combine multiple files for quality analysis
  • Enables better measurement of rare populations
  • Facilitates analysis of longitudinal and time course studies

Analysis of multiple datasets is simple as a drag & drop into the intuitive analysis list. Composite analysis allows you to quickly and easily change compensation and create overlays with multiple files.