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Pro-Vent® Plus Arterial Blood Sampling Kits

Safe and Efficient with Advanced Formula Heparin
Pro-Vent® Plus Arterial Blood Sampling Kits are available with either 1 ml or 3 ml syringes and with either advanced formula dry lithium heparin or low heparin formula. Each specially formulated heparin allows for, consistent and accurate analyzer readings, while reducing the potential for clots.

The Pro-Vent® Plus Advantages
Pro-Vent® Plus Arterial Blood Sampling syringes are top performers in their class because they offer a myriad of benefits for clinicians, patients, and hospitals:

  • Large venting filter media allows for quick filling
  • Rapid filling of syringe minimizes patient discomfort
  • Fully depressed syringe plunger position provides ease of aspiration in code situations
  • Positive stop on 3 ml syringe eliminates plunger disengagement
  • Filter-Pro® and Needle-Pro® safety devices reduce health care worker exposure to bloodborne pathogens
  • All Pro-Vent® Plus kits with pre-attached needles are packaged in sterile pouches for use in a sterile field
  • A broad choice of configurations