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Pro-Vent® Plus Dry Heparin Arterial Blood Sampling Kits
Pulsator® Plus Syringes with Dry Lithium Advanced Formula Heparin

Pulsator® Plus syringes fill quickly and respond to arterial pressure, reducing the chance of a venous fill and provide ease of aspiration.

The Pulsator® Plus with Dry Lithium Heparin Advantages:

  • Advanced formula dry lithium heparin provides consistent and accurate readings
  • Syringe design reduces the incidence of a venous fill; excellent choice for student training
  • Pulsating effect allows for precise positioning in arterial lumen
  • Syringe can be easily aspirated during a low blood pressure or code situation
  • Packaged in sterile pouches
  • All configurations include Filter-Pro® air bubble removal device
  • Available with 3 ml syringes with preattached needle, and Needle-Pro® device