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The Smiths Medical Safety Story
Smiths Medical Commitment to Safety

Smiths Medical is committed to providing healthcare workers with a full line of advanced safety products which can be used in a variety of clinical applications where needlestick injuries are a potential risk for healthcare workers.

Portex® Arterial Blood Sampling Kits — Your Safe Choice for Patients and Healthcare Workers

More than 1,000 infections caused by 20 different pathogens are estimated to be transmitted through sharps or needlestick injuries annually. The greatest threats to clinicians are Hepatitis B (HBV), Hepatitis C (HCV), and HIV.1 Portex® Arterial Blood Sampling Kits were the first to include safety devices, recognizing the major threat of bloodborne pathogens exposure to clinicians in the workplace.

Filter-Pro® Air Bubble Removal Device

  • The Filter-Pro® air bubble removal device allows the clinician to expel air bubbles from a blood sample safely, without exposure to blood or
    bloodborne pathogens
  • Eliminates the potentially hazardous practice of aerosolizing air bubbles into gauze pads
  • Included in all Portex® Arterial Blood Sampling Kits
  • Doubles as a tip cap for safe transport to the lab

Needle-Pro® Needle Protection Device

  • The safety feature is an integral part of the device
  • Needle-Pro® devices engage the needle with a simple one-handed
    technique, freeing your other hand to attend to the site and patient
  • Needlestick exposure time is reduced to seconds