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Test assured in critical care diagnostics.
The GEM Premier 3500 offers unprecedented testing simplicity, flexibility and reliability, in a system fully adaptable to the needs-and volume-of any point-of-care testing location or laboratory. Its cartridge PAK and touchscreen make it remarkably simple and maintenance-free. The GEM Premier 3500 features state-of-the-art instrument design with a large sampling area, barcode scanner and a comprehensive test menu with multiple cartridge configurations-for faster, easier, more efficient critical care testing.
GEM Premier 3500
enhanced simplicity and flexibility for greater cost-efficiency.
Customizable cartridge configurations available for GEM Premier 3500 and GEM Premier 3000 anaylzers in 75 - 600 test options1 and three analyte menus.
Cartridge Configuration Menu
BG, Hct
BG, Lytes,* Hct
BG, Lytes, Glu, Lac, Hct