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So advanced, it’s simple. So simple, it’s revolutionary.
The revolutionary GEM Premier 4000 is the most comprehensive critical care analyzer today. With its unique cartridge PAK, iQM, full analyte menu including onboard CO-Oximetry, and integrated GEMweb Plus software, this instrument brings true automation to critical care testing. The top choice of hospitals and laboratories worldwide, the GEM Premier 4000 is simple, flexible and is revolutionizing critical care testing.
Simple to use:
Basic operation learned in minutes, assures universal staff training, consistent test results and easy customization
Ultimate flexibility:
A broad range of measured analytes and onboard CO-Oximetry provide a complete clinical assessment from a single sample
Automated maintenance:
The only single- component, multi-use cartridge PAK on the market incorporates all testing components,
is self-contained and non-refrigerated
Automated quality assurance:
iQM provides active, continuous, real-time quality processing—with no operator intervention—for the most accurate results, every time
Automated information management:
GEMweb Plus, integrated information software, provides managers remote access to all networked analyzers for full control of all patient results and data, regardless of location
Customizable cartridge configurations available in 75 - 600 test options and three analyte menus for ultimate flexibility and cost-efficiency.
Cartridge Configuration Menu
BG, Hct, CO-Ox††
BG, Lytes,* Hct, CO-Ox
BG, Lytes, Glu, Lac, Hct, CO-Ox, BUN,** Creat,** Total Bili, HCO3-**