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Model Avanti JXN26
  • Powerful -Max speed  26,000rpm generating max RCF of 82,000xg with sample capacity of 8x50ml
  • Huge sample capacity of 6x1000ml with RCF of 15,970xg
  • Switched Reluctance (SR) drive technology for rapid acceleration
  • Smart Friction Reduction System (FRS) ensures maximum performance and precise temperature control
  • With Dynamic Rotor Inertia Check (DRIC) for maximum safety
  • With foot pedal for hands-free lid opening
  • Stores up to 1000 programs with steps
  • Giant size 14” LCD full touch screen
  • Data logging and real-time run graphing
  • More than 30 different type of rotors for different application needs
  • Field upgradeable HEPA filter to enhance bio-safety level